28th Jul 2020

Bystander CPR Saves!

Bystander CPR improves survival. As per the AHA (American Heart Association), there are up to 350 000 cases of cardiac arrest outside of the hospital each year. With more and more people being trained to do CPR the out of hospital CPR survival rate is increasing. An ultimate goal would be for each family/house to have at least one person […]
20th Jul 2020

Disordered Eating

What is disordered eating? There is no single cause and there is no single form of Disordered Eating. We understand Disordered eating as: Any type of eating that regularly doesn’t match physiological needs, whether eating too much or too little. Eating behaviors that interfere with and harm proper physical, psychological, and interpersonal functioning. A systematic and longstanding preoccupation with food/eating/not […]