Stayin' Alive West Coast - Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety training by qualified facilitators.

Stayin' Alive West Coast provides Health and Safety training courses that prepares you for workplace and home emergencies. Our facilitators are highly qualified and can train you in Afrikaans and English.

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SAWC Health and Safety Courses

Health & Safety Training

We provide training in various Health and Safety courses to ensure a safe work and home environment for you. Our courses are suited for companies, individuals and educators and are conducted in both Afrikaans and English.

SAWC Nutrition Coaching


We help you to achieve your health and well-being goals by working one-on-one with you for 8 weeks. We'll provide you with nutritional information, recommendations and a plan to make lasting and positive health changes.

SAWC Course Calendar


Our Course Calendar provides you with an overview of our monthly training schedule. Find out whether you can join one of our pre-scheduled courses or book a training session for your company or group.

Courses We Offer

Our qualified facilitators have a minimum BAA Level and can conduct all training sessions in Afrikaans and/or English. To ensure quality, we provide 1 facilitator per 9 learners and 1 mannequin per 3 learners.

SAWC first Aid Level 1

First Aid Level 1

SAWC First Aid Level 2

First Aid Level 2

SAWC First Aid Level 3

First Aid Level 3

First Aid Training in combined First Aid Levels 1, 2 and 3.

First Aid Training Compact

SAWC First Aid for Sport Injuries

First Aid for Sport Injuries

SAWC Pediatric CPR & Basic First Aid

Paediatric CPR & Basic First Aid

Nutrition Coaching

We help you learn how to nurture good relationships with food and body, and proactively create a balanced, healthy lifestyle by working with you one-on-one for 8 weeks.

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